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"David and Goliath"

Primodos Pregnancy

Why did we use a Hormone Pregnancy Test? - Our doctors' gave it to us.

What were we thinking? - We didn't think, we trusted.

Who did we trust? - Our own Doctor and The Committee on Safety of Medicines.

Who are they? - The Authority formed after the Thalidomide Disaster to ensure it never happened again.

What happened? - Look inside and see for yourself.

What about the Drug Company responsibility? - The Drug Company took their responsibilities very seriously - The serious responsibility for making huge profits.

Didn't they ensure that the drug was fully tested and safe? - They have no conclusive data on the safety of the drug, in pregnancy.

Did the Committee and the Drug Company know there were serious concerns? - Look inside and see for yourself - The Committee on Safety of Medicines and the Drug Company deliberately ignored warnings of Adverse Reactions for at least 8 years. We believe this delay may have cost the lives of thousands of babies and left many more with dreadful disabilities.

How can you HELP US? - Please access our 38 degrees website, Facebook or Twitter to help our campaign for full disclosure and a Public Enquiry.

Sky News Report with Marie Lyon

My contact details are:- Marie Lyon/Chair of the Association For Children Damaged by Hormone Pregnancy Tests. Telephone No. 01942 224720 Mobile 07981 913 393.